The Hunter
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The Hunter

The Hunter

The cold air slid between the trees like a snake through the grass, sweeping the branches across the snow like fingers through sand. The hunter pulled his flannel jacket closer to his chin and shivered. The winter felt long already but it was only halfway through. Each morning the sun would barely rise before its … Continue reading

day 30

30 Day writing Challenge Day 30

The old man tugged on the string and the neon red light buzzed and faded away. He looked out the window and across the street that was tinted yellow by the street lamps, the night was cold, and dark. there was no one outside to see him closing up. No one inside to keep him … Continue reading

day 29

30 Day writing Challenge Day 29

Gondar followed the trail of paint and wolf footprints silently. There was no telling what was happening now, the Lycan could be dead already or worse Mirana could have gotten away. Their trail turned into the forest and the Bounty hunter readied his knife. The brush was thick here and until he was sure of … Continue reading

day 28

30 Day writing Challenge Day 28

The bottle clinked loudly as it fell into the pile of discarded glass at the bottom of the recycling bin. The man laughed and grabbed another from the fridge and set it onto the counter. It was hard to tell what he had ¬†for lunch that day, it had been too long since he had … Continue reading

day 27

30 Day writing Challenge Day 27

Lycan howled as he watched Night Stalkers body fall to the ground. The Bounty Hunter had seen it too and was already sprinting towards the assassin. Lycan re-focused himself, his target was ahead of him, his wolves were hungry, and he could feel his own hunger growing stronger. Banehallow laughed wickedly into the night and … Continue reading

day 26

30 Day writing Challenge Day 26

Gondar was sprinting towards the Priestess when he heard the sound of a blade leaving its sheath. He had trained himself to listen for it at all times, and he knew that neither of the hunters that were helping him chase down Mirana carried swords or daggers. Without hesitation he threw his shuriken from where … Continue reading


30 Day writing Challenge Day 25

The gentle nights breeze carried the sweet smell of night-blooming flowers to their noses as Gondar the Bounty Hunter led them towards their quarry. The three hunters were silent, watching the ground for any signs of the orange paint that the Bounty Hunter had managed to tag the Priestess with before she escaped into the … Continue reading

day 24

30 Day writing Challenge Day 24

Luna watched as the man cried out in pain as his body transformed into a wolf before her eyes. The process was incredible to watch, and had she not been fighting him she would have loved nothing more than to watch him and observe the nuances between the Lycan and his real wolves. But the … Continue reading

day 23

30 Day Writing Challenge day 23

Gondar had heard the fight before they all had crossed the river, and knew it was in his best interests to find out what was going on before he decided to run or to get involved. The dragon was the first one to cross the river, but the others were close behind. The bounty hunter … Continue reading

day 22

30 Day writing Challenge Day 22

Banehallow the Lycan sprinted along the edge of the river, following the dreamlike scent of the faerie dragon Puck. Behind him Night Stalker was gliding along the ground, occasionally pushing off with his legs when he needed more momentum. Their last fight had caught them off guard, but this time they knew that as long … Continue reading

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